11 Backyards in a Garden

5 Backyards in a Garden

An epic idea produced in an exciting new format…

It was not an event in one place, it was an event in two backyard settings across the country!

And, it was actually somewhat inspired by one of my business partners, after he proposed to his wife over a backyard picnic, where the locations were also originally built.

The goal was to finally reach the point of “the ultimate challenge of designing an event in just 2.5 hours,” as the reality TV staple host Ellen DeGeneres famously said about an appearance she had on her show.

Throughout the project, it was clear the world did not end when the clock expired. We watched marriage proposals that occurred on iPhones, 100 drunk people clocking in to celebrate a grand wino’s birthday, and increasingly loud blenders belonging to people in rooms less than 10 feet away all surfacing around the table from which we sat.

The list of truly amazing events that crossed our paths throughout the process was long and featured some of the coolest and most innovative people.

A pizza and beer picnic in the middle of Wyoming, A Cirque du Soleil -inspired parkour in the small town of Twin Falls, Idaho, an Easter celebration gone tragically wrong in Washington D.C., and even a truly amazing marriage proposal right in the middle of Manhattan City Hall.

For this project, I was the creative, creative, creative, producer of the two projects.

Dave was the masterful engineer and puzzle solver, both of whom have created some seriously beautiful and inspiring spaces in their careers.

The great thing about an event that challenged us as well as others to be outside our comfort zone was that we had each other for support, along with our family and friends.

It really is a learning process every step of the way, and what I learned from this project is that truly the biggest obstacle in building a spectacular event are ourselves. If we work together and stay committed, then anything is possible.


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