Andriy Shevchenko: 36-year-old makes mixed start as Ukraine striker

Andriy Shevchenko, which for anyone over 30 means at the very least being scarred by memories of the man’s time at Anfield, has long held up the example of a footballer who could achieve anything, be anything – a terrifying and glamorous image for all aspiring footballers to try and follow.

But there is a flipside to the Alonso myth that is new to the wider public consciousness. Known for being nearly breathtakingly good in his time, he also played the part of league grafter.

In reality he was never really up for anything else than wearing a coveted football shirt. He was a perennially at-risk youth delinquent, perpetually on the scrapheap of the players whose careers ran out in failure and hope.

He had a real talent for baseball – both to play as well as to imitate – but at any cost, a general obsession for all sports even if his talents did not match his dedication.

In a time of Manchester United undoubted class players inevitably inhabit the same bracket.

For Toivo Ivaxi Alcaraz that meant a time at Ajax. It also meant a hellish spell on the scrapheap of Charlton Athletic, Manchester City, Racing Club of Trofeo and Portsmouth, among others.

Listening to the Hansi and Ms Modelo album, you would have thought Mr Andriy Shevchenko could give all and sundry a lesson in achieving fame, and often enjoy it too.

But the personal and professional downfall of Chelsea, and then the Ukraine side on this night, showed otherwise.

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