Can you argue that Bitcoin isn’t the new music industry?

It’s been three years since Sam Aswad came up with the idea of The night after the New York City Fashion Week show called Himitsu, he had the prescience to see that designs would be touted in news articles (“see what the hot new brand will be”) so he changed his website to highlight individual designers and boutique stores.

He has since raised $12m in seed funding from people that own Bitcoin, and raised a $7m bridge round last year from Box Group. He has, according to CoinDesk, one of the most visited and highly trafficked online platforms, but plans to put the site back to work on 28 January when the World Cup kicks off, with plans to start a new website next year.

Why? Well, he reckons it would be wrong not to.

“There will be a huge cryptocurrency bonanza like we haven’t seen since 1999,” he says. “Also, Bitcoin has become so popular that millions of consumers are buying it, not just experts and merchants.”

And we can only assume that buying an online shop that sells clothes at half price would be also much popular.

What’s more, will probably get more people in stores because it will give away 10% of the sales to its affiliates, who are merchants but they pay it by registering to use the site. The company says that once this model is established (in effect forcing people to give a 50% discount), it will offer discounts of 20-50% to affiliates of all sizes.

This week, Poloniex, another cryptocurrency dealer, announced it would be launching a platform on its website to give tokens an actual utility. So, why not nominate this company for the Trading Crypto Awards?

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