Doug Ford wants to link Toronto with Quebec through highway

Written by Brian Todd for CNN

Canadian politician Doug Ford announced Thursday he’s seeking to build a highway to Montreal, which would connect the GTHA (Greater Toronto Area) with the Maritimes, creating a new rail corridor that would also connect Montreal to New York.

The proposed highway has been in the works for 20 years, and would supposedly take advantage of various trade opportunities as well as cross-border trade between Quebec and Nova Scotia. The highway is likely a political move by Ford to try and help his party, the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, regain power after it lost its majority status to the New Democratic Party in March’s provincial election.

The reason, according to CNN’s Emily Jane Fox, is that Ford’s party, he says, would continue to push the province into better economic, trade and economic development — a nod toward a movement that places focus on the Midwest.

“The idea is we can move trucks faster,” Ford said at a rally in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

It is also believed the project would provide an important link to the congested Highway 401, which connects the GTHA (Greater Toronto Area) with Toronto and Chatham, Ontario, but which is often closed because of the large number of trucks involved.

Ford hopes the new highway would open in 2024.

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