FedEx Driver Lays American Flag in Front of Immigrant’s Home Says “It’s Not A Sacrifice To Do That”

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FedEx driver Kevin Esparza hanging the American flag and saluting it as he fills up his truck with gasoline outside the Mexican immigrant’s home in Los Angeles. It’s sure to bring back those patriotic goosebumps on the Fourth of July. Esparza said “I wanted to honor those who died defending this country, to honor the flag that means so much to us and to myself. And to show that we’re still the one country in the world.”

Esparza said, “We salute them every day. I salute them everyday when I get off of work. We salute them every day. We know we’re serving our country, we’re serving our flags and it’s not a sacrifice to do that. It’s not to go to work everyday and that’s our main thing, to support our country. That’s what it’s all about.

As the patriotic surveillance footage made its way around the internet the White House weighed in on the patriotic act the President said “You saw a very brave and patriotic American doing the right thing. And that’s just who we are as Americans and it was a very proud moment”

Esparza said he hasn’t received many negative responses since his patriotic act of thanks and appreciation.


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