Game of Thrones food in Toronto: Five of the best

Credit: Toronto Dogs via Flickr

To help with your vegan new year resolutions, here are five of our top picks from the Game of Thrones neighbourhood for game food, when all you’ve got are a few ingredients and a few machete chops.

Baklava at Paglinicuzyi, Spanish eatery at The Royal York

A traditional Azerbaijani pastry is served with a delightful array of walnuts, pistachios, dried fruits and caramel ice cream at this from-the-world-soulfly restaurant.

As luck would have it, in season seven of the Game of Thrones you’ll be able to dine on this devilishly delicious treat on your way back home, if it’s available for your flight home.

Wild Game Burger at Toronto Dogs

A creation specifically put on the menu during the Great Fire of the North, this Game of Thrones sandwich is full of great red meat, grass fed sirloin, served with truffle fries, arugula and grilled tomato.

Although it’s safe to assume the roots of these recipes are far beyond the shores of Westeros, you can still put a spin on a Game of Thrones dish if you so wish.

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Aquavit at Finnish Tapas House

Equally Game of Thrones-inspired is this gamey, seafood-inspired cocktail. The cocktail, a twist on the aquavit that can be found at Swedish food hubs like Fika, combines Russian vodka, almond syrup, fresh mint, chives and lemon.

While the drink contains a few key Game of Thrones ingredients, such as the fishberries – a gutsy taste we’ve seen in early GoT episodes – there’s no sign of the fiery Emilia Clarke called “qua” in this concoction.

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Cheesy Cheesesteak Sandwich at Seattle Fish Company

Spurred on by Ireland’s own peculiar food appreciation for the cuisine of Westeros, this take on the classic US sandwich features seafood in place of a beef patty and is served with potatoes, lettuce and tomato.

The sandwich, which is named after Game of Thrones’ coast of King’s Landing, is served at the Seattle Fish Company, and can be got from the crew in-store and served in the window, or even given away for free.

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The Aztechakia Boned Chicken at Food that Serves You

A hugely popular dish in the season six premiere, this gut-busting dish – albeit not a GoT-worthy, boned chicken dish – comes from New York’s Aztechakia eatery and serves up some lovely spiced yogurt.

Culinary ingenuity aside, the chicken is cooked perfectly, with sliced peppers and lentils galore, all set off by the gorgeously spiced yogurt and root vegetables.

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