Is this how you know you are doing the right thing?

When did you first start not finishing tasks? It can be a painful experience and when you discover it happened a few times you can begin to doubt yourself.

Good news is, as you do new things you can start looking for your strengths.

Did Not Finish (NGTY) lists include 60 of your favourite activities and list things you do that give you pleasure and success. You can track your success using the activity list.

How to Do a List: Start by recording your toughest tasks or most tiring or taxing ones. Then write a ‘not finished’ section of just the tasks you feel you’ve completed. The ones not finished section shows what you can do for the rest of the list. Having completed everything on the list may sound intimidating but it doesn’t have to be – it’s all about what you can do next.

Plan for success: Some things are going to be extremely difficult to manage. However, if you keep working at them you can move them closer to completion. You can even suggest deadlines or milestones. If someone asks you about ‘Did Not Finish’ do your best to be positive and share some success stories.

Do you like to waste time? Do you say what you think instead of what you feel? Do you think only half way when you should really be thinking all the way through? You can find out more about self-confidence and success at hand and self-confidence

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