Jobs, Goals & Love: Fox News’ Shawn Gulke Shares Her Backstory

Shawn Gulke’s story of work, ambition and love — covered on Thursday’s “Fox & Friends.” Gulke left his dream job as a partner at a prestigious New York City law firm to make a change in her life.

“I felt that I had a passion, that I wanted to have a positive impact in the world,” Gulke said.

Gulke spent her life savings moving to Ghana, where she runs a non-profit organization for women.

She is now a lawyer working in Ghana on the issues of land ownership. Gulke will also soon have a residency visa in the U.S. to become a United States citizen.

She said working in Ghana gave her a sense of how difficult people’s lives can be.

“With the global economic downturn, it’s gotten tougher,” Gulke said. “There are a lot of farmers here in Ghana, where there may be some water, but the farmer still has to sell whatever water he can to the water authorities to get something for his crops.”

Gulke said she feels very proud to be a “humble” person who has become an American success story.

Watch the full interview above.

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