Macro-level Economics from a non-Grand Slam winner

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In tonight’s edition of “Countdown to the Closing Bell,” Charles Payne sits down with Boris Winter.

Plus we break down the market mayhem and how a player who has never won a single Grand Slam title will even make it to the Grand Slam tournament, and more of this week’s top headlines.

Stock market volatility is back, oil prices have nearly doubled since this time last year, and trade between the U.S. and China is cooling. But this week will serve as a defining moment for that relationship with a U.S. tariff scheduled to go into effect on September 24th. Boris Winter is the chief economist at Norworx.

Plus, Charles talks about Alex Rodriguez and his Hall of Fame candidacy with Chris Myers.

Charles also talks about new media and politics with Lauren Smecek.

And, we hear from the star, host and producer of “Hannity.”

Charles returns to the host of “FOX & Friends Weekend,” with Jenna Lee,

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