The Amazing things about astronomy

goldpaint_rekindledflameThere are many subjects in the discipline of science but none presents such a foreboding than astronomy. Not to look down on other sciences, but we can say without fear that astronomy is the one area which comes with reeling answers every so few years. It is a science that presents to us more questions than answers. However, for every answer we get, it has such a revealing meaning that we are able to conclusively tell or deduce a lot of things.

It wasn’t long ago that we were all in agreement that Pluto is a planet. Yet with a series of serious observatory times and dedicated astronomers, it was finally decided that Pluto is just but one of the thousands of plutoids just next to the Oort cloud. Farther than Pluto lies amazing stuff that will take your time and imagination to understand or comprehend.solar_system

In the outer system of the solar system lie stars. Some of the stars are so dense that it would take hundreds of our suns to equal their density. Some stars on the other hand are so bright such as the one at the tail of the Canis Major that it shines more than 50,000 times brighter than our sun. Going further into space, you will come across nebulae where young suns are hatched. It is incredible to imagine that new suns get created every other day and this by extension means that there are also many planets that form alongside such stars.

There are supernovas that erupt and spread their glorious last day energy across eons of time. These dying stars are seen from time to time. However, given that the human race has spent less than a minute in relation to the larger scale of universal time, such phenomenons are but rare. Still, if you are lucky to witness one, you will appreciate just what a mote of dust we are.

There is a million and one things that one can say about astronomy. There are those galaxies millions of years away while there is science closer home that is still as fascinating. Take for example the moon which has one ‘day’ in a whole month. A day lasts 15 earth days and a night will take 15 earth days. This means that the moons 3:00 PM or ‘1500’ hours are like the 10th day with the sun constantly shining on it. You can imagine how hot it must be. Little wonder it took months to plan and plot the best time to land on the moon.

Astronomy is rich in amazing facts which will make your brain reel in amazement and awe. This is a science that has no end and no distance. Everything is a matter of time. It is because of this that distance in astronomy gets measured in time.

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