Though not terrorism, Antifa members reportedly put a magnetic bomb on a subway subway exit

In the aftermath of Monday’s Manhattan explosion, federal and local officials in New York City frantically searched for possible detonators for the high-pressure “Mother of Satan” gas leak, only to find out Thursday that the metro area may have been treated to a much more insidious, disruptive shock.

A magnetic bomb, built by the homegrown radical militant group, Antifa, placed a small cobalt-tipped device — roughly 3 inches in diameter — on the turnstile of the subway exit at 57th Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan on Thursday night. Authorities suspect that these actions were targeted to intimidate white men and embolden fellow progressives, according to several news outlets.

The device failed to detonate, but was swiftly removed before the NYPD was aware of the disturbing trend, which ultimately gave way to police officials reporting a “disturbance” — although not the terrorism that followed, likely the result of a schizophrenic subway surfer — earlier Thursday evening.

A video of the propane cooker exploding has been widely circulated on social media. After a fire was quickly put out, police officers of the NYPD Bomb Squad removed the device.

Transit officials in the city have already shut down parts of the system.

Rifle fire was also reported in northern Brooklyn on Wednesday, however authorities have found no such explosives.

However, authorities have been visibly shaken by these attacks and have nonetheless canceled several outdoor concerts and performances as a precautionary measure.

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