Tourists having sex in the dunes is ruining a Spanish beach

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Travel website said two women found ‘well in love’ shagging on the sand at Torrox near Valencia

Tourists having sex in the dunes is ruining a Spanish beach

Newlyweds have been caught in the act on an out-of-the-way Spanish beach.

Maribel Cortizo from Miami, a travel writer for Lonely Planet, posted a photograph of two women on Torrox beach, near Valencia, getting “well in love”.

Cortizo, 37, said she spotted the woman having sex by the shoreline and approached them but found they were a couple who had not wanted to have their picture taken.

“As we walked further down the beach, I managed to get their attention. I was more of a gatekeeper than an enticer – I only ever meant to show them the place they were ignoring, and I wasn’t trying to capture anyone.

“Then, of course, I got a snap of their beachside moment. They told me they had just met the next day, met on a dating app and were well in love.

“I asked them if I could have a peek and they said yes. As I peered, they must have been wondering what I was thinking.”

Lonely Planet UK (@LonelyPlanetUK) Women loving and finding each other more than they’ve ever been in this one photo

The woman in the photograph seems to be “well dressed” and not wearing a bikini, with Cortizo speculating that the woman is a wife or girlfriend or “either a model or a professional surfer”.

Cortizo said the woman on the beach had asked for topless sunbathing: “I didn’t mind it – when was the last time I had a half-naked beach day?

“Another beachgoer said that I should also have found this couple some privacy to take their photo, as I wasn’t forcing them to be in the picture.”

She added: “I came back the next day and on the same day – but I was really enjoying myself so I took no pictures and just enjoyed the view.”

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