US archer narrowly escapes attack, has police ‘ceasefire’

IOC press officer Mark Adams told The Washington Post: “We have no information about where in China she is.

“The athlete has confirmed with IOC officials that she is safe and in the Olympic village. A supporting party has been present all along. We have made this public statement to ensure that all her supporters can get here safely.”

At approximately 2:25 this morning, Tianjin police contacted the American Embassy and assured them there is a “ceasefire” between the protestors and police.

The IOC claimed they’ve met with Peng at the Olympic village, by phone.

Here’s a statement from Chinese authorities, as reported by The Washington Post:

“On behalf of the Chinese people, I deeply regret that news has been spread overseas about an incident at the Tianjin port city. I would like to say that by and large, we have seen order being restored in Tianjin and are making headway in restoring normal life to the citizens of the area. That said, we have been forced to reschedule the World Archery Championship and make it available to archers worldwide at the Games. The safety of Team China members has not been compromised at all. They are safe and healthy, and are doing their training and competing under appropriate conditions. I also wish to emphasize that the safety of all Chinese athletes is top priority and is always foremost in our thoughts.

To date, the people have decided to fully restore order in Tianjin. The police and fire departments of Tianjin, together with Team China’s archery team, are working very hard to provide everyone with a fair atmosphere and obtain the safe return of Team China members.”

Peng had a shotgun pointed at her head during what appeared to be a peaceful protest Thursday outside the Nanjing movie theater where she had been watching the film “The Great Wall.”

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