Video shows cops slammed naked man to ground and strip searched him

(CNN) — The Philadelphia cops accused of slamming a handcuffed, naked man against a police car had their training videos on trial this week.

But not everyone there is buying it.

“I want justice,” says Kyle Rittenhouse.

The 30-year-old is now permanently scarred. His nearly six-inch opening scar can be seen on his forehead in video footage he took during the ride, now being used as evidence against him.

“I am not proud of what happened,” he says. “I am still hurting from it.”

His story — that he suffered permanent and serious injuries during the incident — has received the court support of celebrities and politicians including, even, 40-year-old actor Dan Akroyd, best known for his roles in “Three’s Company” and the 1980s police drama “L.A. Law.”

What started out as a simple ride ended up as a trial of two arresting officers, Allegra DePasquale and Felix Martinez.

The two are accused of “administrative failure to supervise” and will appear at a bench trial in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court for a scheduled June 12 verdict.

The case received national attention and caught the attention of “Saturday Night Live” cast member Kenan Thompson.

In March, Thompson posted a GoFundMe campaign on his behalf, asking fans to donate money to a defense fund.

“The real time is the cruellest,” Thompson’s GoFundMe campaign states. “There is no ability to earn, no chance for advancement, and it is so unfair.”

According to the online fundraising campaign, he’s raised more than $175,000 dollars, exceeding his goal of $125,000.

“The purpose of this GoFundMe is to bring awareness to the failed justice system in Pennsylvania and seek to raise money to pay for legal counsel in a flawed criminal case,” Thompson said in the post.

Rittenhouse says the legal action may cost him a job, but it’s also helping pay for his own lawyer.

But while Thompson campaigned for him, the lawyers he’s working with aren’t getting their heads around the case.

“I’m 100% qualified to speak on this case, but when I tried calling this criminal defense firm in Pennsylvania (Reech & Broer) on June 5, they did not pick up,” he says.

The Legal Aid Society in Philadelphia is serving as his lawyer and will have him on the stand when he takes the stand Tuesday.

The two accused cops remain charged with simple assault, official oppression and conspiracy, according to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

They are at work, but Rittenhouse still awaits for them to be judged.

“I feel good for our legal team. I definitely feel that our team will be able to garner a conviction against these two officers,” he says.

CNN reached out to both officers but did not immediately hear back.

If convicted, Rittenhouse can seek more than $150,000 in damages, according to Philadelphia Legal Aid.

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